Teaching a course? Take a course!

One of the most common questions we receive from faculty in UAF eLearning iTeach workshops is “what does an online course look like”? We all have years—and in some cases decades—of experience forming expectations of face-to-face learning experiences, but for those who are new to teaching online, it is often difficult to imagine how it all works. Learning experiences are complicated. How do you, as a faculty member, present yourself? How do you share […]

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Visions of the Future in your Reflection

Finals are over and hopefully mostly graded. The real end is in sight and our eyes are all firmly fixed ahead toward the quiet green of summer. However, right now there’s a great opportunity to do as much to improve your teaching next semester as anything. This is a great moment to reflect on how your course(s) went. What worked? What didn’t? Ask yourself some simple hard questions and capture your candid responses – […]

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Test early, test often, and always cumulative…

There are powerful alternatives to final exams including final projects and final presentations, but if you’re set on giving a final exam, consider making it comprehensive. Further, consider frequent cumulative benchmark quizzes as part of your students’ practice regimen.

When it comes to marathon running, it has often been said that the race is really about the last few miles. “I ran great for the first 18 miles, but my time really fell off toward […]

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The Online Lab Course

Presenter: Owen
Location: Google Hangout OnAir
Date: December 11, 2015
Time: 1:00pm AKST

It is often said lab-based learning experiences are difficult to replicate in the online environment. In this TLL, we endeavor to explore when online labs are more than successful. We discuss when online labs are better than their face-to-face equivalent.

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Blackboard: Time to reconsider

This time of year we’re all spending a lot of time in Blackboard, yet seldom does one hear its praises sung within our hallowed halls. It may not be the shiniest tool in our toolbox, and some might even say its menus and structures are less than an inspiring home for the learning and cognitive transformations we expect it to facilitate. However, if you weigh the functionality and features that Blackboard contains, it is […]

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Why we teach

As we emerge from the caverns of winter and slip from the madness of March into bright, warm April and true spring, maybe it is safe to take a moment and ask ourselves why we do it. Given our current budget challenges, it is perhaps even essential we ask the question. What is our source of inspiration? What is the real reason we teach?
At this point in the semester, most of us are bolting […]

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Instructor Voice

The Voice Behind the Curtain

The other day I asked an emeritus faculty member where he derived his teaching style from. Looking back on a stunning 35 years of instructional experience, he said he had a great mentor instructor in undergraduate school and thought, “I want to be like him.” As we look to the semester ahead and dust off our seasonal affective disorder prescriptions, consider your voice. Where do you speak from and where […]

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Discussion Prompts II

Timing is Everything

Last week we talked about how designing some tension into discussions can yield a more engaging student experience. This is often my first suggestion when I hear from faculty that student discussions seem lacking. This week the inquiry centers around timing. Just like hosting a dinner party, timing the various course elements is critical when designing student interactions.

Structure the Discussion
Carrying on the analogy from last week, students need time to absorb and […]

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Discussion Prompts

Fertilizing the Garden of Ideas
Designing quality discussion prompts can be a challenge whether building an online discussion forum or trying to better engage the classroom learner. As instructors, we’ve all asked questions of our students that failed to lead  them to our verdant garden, blossoming with student ideas. Instead, at one time or another, we’ve led students to deserts of superficial or pat answers that lay shriveled in darkness with only the chirping of […]

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Practical Gamification

In our last teaching tip we talked about the power of play and how celebrating successes, while minimizing the consequences of failure, can foster an environment of experimentation and discovery. In short, these are key elements that help make learning more fun. This week, we’re going to look at a practical examples of this principle applied in classrooms here at UAF.

This semester Dr. Kriya Dunlap, CITE Fellow, was searching for a way to encourage […]

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