Our Role in the Revolution…

As we toil along in our trenches, it’s easy to keep our attention focused on the tasks before us and on what is being done by those immediately beside us. Sometimes, it is interesting to take a moment to look around and see what else is happening elsewhere, even overseas and on distant shores. I recently found a couple of articles regarding international eLearning efforts and they helped me to check my perspectives on […]

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Coursera and the MOOC Frontier:

Nearly two weeks ago, (old news in the rapidly evolving MOOC universe) Coursera announced  that they have begun working with ten additional US state university systems. Some of these systems contain more than 21 universities on their own, and according to the NY Times, these institutions contain more than 1.2 million students. This little addition comes on top of Coursera’s  71 existing institutional partnerships. Wow. For a company that is only 18 months old, they seem to have mobilized […]

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The Future of MOOCs

I recently had the privilege of attending the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Online Spring Focus Session, “Learning and the Massive Open Online Course.” The novelty of MOOCs continues to hold significant interest, and the presentations and discussions provided a lot of good food for thought.

Surprisingly, considerable discussion continues to center around what exactly constitutes a MOOC – so much so that the acronym Massively Open Online Course Or Whatever (MOOCOW) was repeatedly proposed and […]

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MOOC Reflections

Last semester I took Dr. Jeremy Adelman’s “History of the World Since 1300 AD” massively open online course (MOOC) offered by Coursera. As I began composing my reflections on the experience I found several excellent and extensive reviews of the course. The one I enjoyed the most is the 16 part review written by Jonathan Rees on his blog, “More or Less Bunk.”  Rees combs through the course and its pedagogical successes and (mostly) […]

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