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Badging Economies – Part 1

I’ve recently participated in four “badged” events where badging was used to reward participants and presenters alike. There were clever and creative badges awarded for a variety of behaviors and achievements. It took a lot of work to create the badges and manage the accounting of who earned what. Kudos to those who spent the time and energy to do so. Initially, the experience was novel and exciting. Earning my first badge for doing […]

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Our Role in the Revolution…

As we toil along in our trenches, it’s easy to keep our attention focused on the tasks before us and on what is being done by those immediately beside us. Sometimes, it is interesting to take a moment to look around and see what else is happening elsewhere, even overseas and on distant shores. I recently found a couple of articles regarding international eLearning efforts and they helped me to check my perspectives on […]

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